High speed modems for UAVs and Drones

UAVs and Drones

TXMission make high speed modems for UAVs and drones.
The government and military drone markets are well established. However, the civilian drone market is also growing rapidly fuelled by applications such as oil/gas pipeline monitoring, agriculture, construction, emergency services, environmental monitoring, etc. In fact, the civilian drone market is now much larger than the military market.

In a similar way to smallsats, the drone market requires communication systems that are small and have low weight and power. The use of satellite communications allows drones to communicate over much larger distances than would otherwise be the case and often at much higher data rates. The satellite bandwidth available to drones can be very expensive and it is therefore imperative that transmissions are as spectrally efficient as possible – a requirement which is amply fulfilled using our DVB-S2/S2X waveforms.

The use of industrial temperature grade components in our products ensures that drones can communicate flawlessly even in extremes of temperature (-40°C to +85°C). Our products also support the use of hi-resolution sensors such as cameras, along with the ability to process and send video in real time. Onboard video compression ensures that bandwidth requirements are minimised. The use of processing power saving modes that are switched in when active communication is not required ensures that the drone battery life is maximised. The onboard communications subsystem is complemented by our ground-based modems and network management tools.

High speed modems for UAVs and drones can be used in conjunction with IOT and 5G.
High speed modems for UAVs and drones by TXMission